Monday, November 26, 2007

Helping Hands

A few years ago, we were inspired by an item on TV to create the unique piece of artwork pictured here.

We grabbed a big square canvas from the bargain shop, loaded up on acrylic paint, then set to work making our handprint masterpiece.

My three children had a ball coating each others’ fingers in eye-catching primary colours and stamping them onto the canvas. They curled their fingers around the edges of the frame for extra dimensional effect. Our homemade art still takes pride of place on the study wall – a permanent reminder of a moment in time.

With Christmas coming, I thought I would share our little project with you because it’s not only a fun holiday activity for the kids, but it would also make a beautiful gift for a family member.

Happy painting!



Anonymous said...

I just love this Deborah! What a great Christmas present. I'm heading down to the grab some canvases today!
Thank you,

katielady said...

I saw something similiar once and it inspired me in the same way your painting has... it was of a father and son's footprints as they walked together... what a strong reminder of the impact we have on our children. I think I'll grab some canvass also.

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