Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Green Chicken Curry

Hello everyone. I thought I would give you a little something that will warm the tummies and satisfy any palate. This is a Green Chicken Curry that is loved by our family and guests both young and old. It's a quick one to pull together and is a recipe that usually finds all the ingredients in the pantry at any given time.

Enjoy and please let me know how it goes in your home.


PS ~ keep your eye out for my next posting which will be an honest update on my exercise regime and how I'm feeling.

Green Chicken Curry

1.5 kg chicken thigh fillets
2 tablespoons oil
2 onions, sliced
2-3 tablespoons of green Curry Paste (This can be a hot paste, so for us 2.5 tbsp was a little on the warm side for the kids. Adjust to your family taste requirements)
2 large potatoes, peeled, quartered
400ml coconut milk
1/3 cup coriander leaves (optional ~ I don’t add these simple because we aren't really a coriander family. Again adjust to your family requirements)
Salt and pepper to taste

Note: I use a slow cooker for this dish however if you want to do it quickly a pot is just as easy. A slow cooker simply allows the meal to be prepared hours in advance and time to rest. Either way is nice and just as tasty.

1. Trim fat from Chicken and cut into large chunks.
2. Heat oil in a frying pan and brown chicken in batches. Remove from pan.
3. Add onions to frying pan and cook until softened. Add curry paste, cook for 1 minute or until fragrant.
4. Place chicken and potatoes into slow cooker/pot and pour onion mixture over the top.
5. Cook on HIGH for 3-4 hours or LOW for 6-7 hours. In the pot simmer for 1 hour stirring regularly.
6. 20 minutes before serving, stir through coconut milk, coriander. Season with salt and pepper.
7. Serve with cooked Jasmine rice.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Desert that Promises to Dazzle...

Well hello everyone I hope this post finds you all really well. I apologize for the lack of recent posts however I will explain soon (just a hint, the Sohn family recently made a big move to the USA)...... I'll stop there and share more with you at a later date ~ once the 'dust' has settled.

As most of you know Sam Cosatto is a phenomenal host, an incredible cook and really just an all round exceptional person. I asked her if she would share one of her simple yet scrumptious desert recipes with us and for anyone who knows Sam or has had the privilege of sampling her treats this is a good one. Without anymore from me enjoy the read, give it a go and let us know through our comments how you and yours enjoyed this yummy family favorite.

This one is for all you "non-bakers" out there who want a quick, easy dessert that will knock the socks of your dinner guests! 
200g White Toblerone (white chocolate with honey & almond nougat)
2 Eggs, separated
1 tbsp Caster Sugar
300ml Whipped Cream
1 tbsp Kahlua
250g Fresh Berries
Place chocolate, broken into pieces in a heat-proof bowl over a saucepan of hot water.  Stir until chocolate melts (it should only be just warm).  Remove from heat as soon as it has melted and add egg yolks.  Mix well.
Beat egg whites until stiff, add sugar and beat until sugar has dissolved.  Fold in chocolate mixture.  Then gently fold the chocolate mixture and Kahlua into the whipped cream. ( Feel free to sample the Kahlua at this point, remember it's 5pm somewhere in the world! )  Place a few mixed berries in the bases of 4 parfait glasses or chocolate box.  Spoon over the mousse.  Cover and refrigerate for 2-4 hours.  Top with extra berries. YUM!

Enjoy and let me know how it works in your family or as you dazzle your guests.


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