Friday, January 26, 2007

A Simple Meal Idea for those Hot Summer Nights

The other day Oprah talked about ‘the time’ when she decided to ‘do it all’... the cooking, cleaning, looking after her dogs etc., after a few days or so, she gave up, deciding it was all too hard. She then added “I don’t know how ya all do it; coming up with a different meal every night!” Soon after this confession, Oprah went back to being fed by her army of gourmet chef’s … lucky Oprah! For me though, I’m one of the ‘ya all’ – so I’ll continue to come up with dinner ideas.

Last night, I tried a new simple recipe for hamburgers. An easy meal, that includes salad (so it’s healthy) and it’s great for those hot nights when you can’t be bothered cooking.

The great thing about these burgers is that by adding the blue cheese dressing, the burger becomes a little more gourmet (add some garnish and a glass of wine and you have a simple, yet sophisticated meal).

500g of lean mince
Small onion
3 tablespoons of chopped parsley
2 egg yolks
2 teaspoons of mustard
4 teaspoons of egg mayonnaise
100g of blue cheese
Salt and pepper

Blend together mince, parsley, onion, egg yolks, salt and ground pepper. Shape mixture into burger sized patties. Spray a non-stick pan with oil. Cook burgers until browned and cooked through.

Mix together mustard and mayonnaise and then fold through cheese. Serve the burger with lettuce, sliced onions, tomato, beetroot and whatever else takes your fancy.

For adults and older children add the blue cheese sauce, for the little people, add tomato sauce and a little whole egg mayo.

Fun Family Tip:
Turn your kitchen into a hamburger joint with all members of the family making their own burgers – then set up a judging panel. The biggest or spiciest burger wins the award. The younger ones get bonus points for actually eating it!

Grocery List:

500g lean mince (this can be beef or chicken if you prefer)
1 Onion
Mustard (can be prepared or dry mustard)
Egg Mayonnaise
100g Blue Cheese
Hamburger Buns
Lettuce – for a crisp salad and on the burger

Enjoy and remember to have fun!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the idea Nicki,
I can't wait to try the blue cheese sauce!


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