Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One of our ALL TIME favorites.... Hainan Chicken Rice with Veggies

Okay here is a recipe that is a Sohn family favorite. It also proves to be VERY popular with pretty much anyone I have had the pleasure of serving it to.

I must warn you it may sound 'all that' but it's really easy, SUPER healthy and so, so, so good.


4 Organic Chicken breasts cut into stripes - the stripes should look similar to your index finger (if you can't get Organic just buy what you would normally buy)
3 cups Chicken Stock
2 cloves chopped Garlic
Green Onions/Shallots
Olive Oil

Approx 10 Green onion or shallots (whatever you choose to call them)finely chopped and placed in a bowl.
1 good sized knob of ginger peeled and grated and mixed with onion.
1-1.5 cups Olive Oil
Salt to taste
Set aside in individual sauce dishes or in one dish for the table with a spoon for distribution.

Place chicken in chicken stock and let it poach slowly (you want to make sure you don't dry the chicken out).
Once Chicken is poached place it on a serving plate - if you want to dress the meal up serve it on a bed of lettuce.
Reserve the stock and give each person a bowl of soup (the stock....it's so yummy).

The Rice: Cook your rice in Chicken Stock as well (follow your usual rice cooking directions and just use broth instead of plain water).

The Veggies: I use Chinese baby Bok Choy and simply fry it in a little olive oil a lot of garlic (we're a garlic family - don't be scared it's really good for your health and if everyone eats it no one can tell anyone has the dreaded...'garlic breath'). If you don't want to use Bok Choy or your unfamiliar with it then broccoli will do the trick. Just try and stick with something green and something with a nice flavour because the other side of the meal is very easy on the palate.

To Serve:

I put a big platter of Chicken and Veggies in the middle of the table, a platter with the rice and I use Asian dishes simply because I have them on hand. With the Asian dishes everyone gets a bowl of rice, a small plate, an individual sauce dish and a soup bowl plus of course their chop sticks.
If I serve this Western style I put the platter of Chicken and Veggies in the middle I have a nice bowl of sauce with a serving spoon and a platter of rice with serving spoon.

Either way, this meal is absolutely delicious and here's a hint....the sauce tastes even better the next day. This is a perfect meal for a hot summer day because it can be served cold, it's equally as nice on a cold night because the soup warms the soul!

Grocery List:

4 Organic Chicken breasts
Chicken Stock
Green Onions/Shallots
Olive Oil
Baby Bok Choy or Broccoli

I hope you like this as much as we do. Just a hint, keep tasting your sauce whilst your making it, you want it to taste like onion with the ginger coming through. The salt will bring them together nicely. It's kind of a 'taste and see recipe' - till you get it just the way you like it.


Susan xoxo


Anonymous said...

This sounds great. I've had this once and loved it but couldn't figure out how to make it.
Thank you I'll let you know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Yum. I'm not usually adventurous in the kitchen but I'm going to give this one a go. I think my family are ready for some new and improved meal ideas - all the one's you've provided are achievable so I'm going to make some changes.
I love the grocery list as well just makes the process that much easier.
Thanks girls and keep up the exceptional work.

Anonymous said...

OKAY EVERYONE THIS IS GREAT. IT'S A MUST TRY. I PROMISE YOU'LL LOVE IT! Thank you for stretching my culinary capabilities.

ted said...

Hmmm...that gives me an idea for lunch tomororw. Am sure the girls will love it !

Thanks Sue.


Anonymous said...

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