Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A cup of warm milk

The holidays are now over for the Sohn family. The tree has been taken down, Kenny and Dolly have belted out their last tune for the season, the egg nog is well finished and the Christmas cake has been reduced to crumbs as we fight over the last tasty morsels.

Tomorrow, routine returns to our home as I'm sure it has to many of yours. In our family, it'll mean no more jammy-clad, lazy mornings, breakfasts that become brunch – and then lunch, endless snacking and guests with more goodies to share. Rather, it's back to the early morning breakfasts and the tying of school neckties before scooting out the door with lunches packed, hair combed and teeth brushed (I hope) in an effort to reach school before the bell rings.

It's pretty tough when the children have become used to a later bedtime, enjoying the relaxed nature where tomorrow and the next day are just another holiday.

My eldest had the hardest time tonight. She tossed and turned and tried her best at counting sheep, and then some.

After two hours of failed attempts to capture that elusive rest, frustration found its way into her room, at which point, she found her way into mine!

Like many of you, I have struggled on the odd occasion with insomnia. This was one of those times. Funny thing, normally I can fall asleep anywhere, as can my eldest. But tonight wasn't our night.

So I hatched a plan. I took my beautiful girl by the hand and said, "Don't worry, Lovely, I know just the thing to help you."

I brought her to the couch just off our kitchen, wrapped her in a blanket and prepared a cup of warm milk for her to sip on. I handed her the mug and slipped onto the couch beside her, allowing her to rest and relax into my arms. I sat stroking her hair and whispering 'I love you' into her ear. We didn't exchange many words, just a few from me to her in order to comfort her and let her know everything was okay.

I've always understood the mystery behind the cup of warm milk and its obvious effects on the human body. But now I've completed an even greater puzzle – a cup of warm milk provided by the comforting arms of a loved one, the stroking of hair and the applying of soft gentle words whispered into an ear, is the perfect panacea for the sleep-deprived. In no time, my eldest daughter was tucked up in her bed, dreaming of angels.

As we begin this year with our resolutions and our hearts filled with renewed hope, may I encourage you to keep your ears and eyes open, and know that somewhere along the path of 2009 someone in your home will need a cup of warm milk. Don't miss the moment.



Anonymous said...

Great post Susan I so enjoy your writing and your insights into the everydayness of life.

Would be so easy to go the other way and get frustrated with a child. You have caused me to pause and think.


Anonymous said...

Susan I think this is something your eldest will carry on through to her family. Very well written and well stated. Wise words.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

You painted the picture so well I can see the two of you snuggled up on the couch!
Your message is true for all of us I imagine. Take the higher road,the rewards are priceless.


Anonymous said...

That's a very good story Susan.

Susan J Sohn said...

Thanks Annie. Love the higher road, not always easy but the better way for sure.


Anonymous said...


A little different the other night, we had the same issue, but the warm milk was replaced by a cold face washer across the forehead as my eldest was (like the rest of us), unable to sleep because of the heat!
I'm looking forward to snuggly cooler weather!

It's true, when you're tired and your defences are low, it's not always easy to choose the higher road, but those are the moments that stay with our kids...

Susan J Sohn said...


So true about the moments that stay with our kids. Actually my mum said that to me after I read her the story, she said, "well done dear, Sophia will remember that all her life and she will most likely do the same as a mother one day."

Makes me think of that quote from that movie Russell Crowe was in....oh yeah, Gladiator 'what we do today will echo in eternity'. I think I've just given myself another post to write.....

Love that this has stirred something in all of us.


Anonymous said...

I love this post! I have felt the healing powers of a cup of tea made for me by my Mum on many occassions. It's the feeling of someone caring and taking the time to love on you.

Anonymous said...

Susan you are such a good Mom....your children are so fortunate to have you. Your daughter will remember that special moment for the rest of her life. I bet when she is older and has trouble falling asleep this will be a memory that she will recall.

Anonymous said...

"Read the blog....smiling...just off for a mug of warm milk myself x"

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