Thursday, January 29, 2009

Something Funny

As you know, very rarely do I share email forwards, they have to be very funny in order for me to press send. Well, last night our great friend, Mark, sent something that gave me a chuckle. I shared it with my mum (who, by the way, has a great sense of humor) and she laughed and laughed. After hearing her enjoyment I thought it must be one of those forwards that need to be shared.

I hope it will ignite something within you that will allow yourself a chuckle or a full-blown laugh today. Remember, laughter is good for the soul.

It’s simple, silly and strangely something we can (maybe) relate to….

Here you go:

Husband says, “When I get mad at you, you never fight back. How do you control your anger?” With a smile, the wife replies by saying, “I clean the toilet.” The husband looks at her strangely and says, “How does that help?” With the same smile on her face the wife says, “I use your toothbrush.”

I hope you enjoyed that as much as we did. So glad there are clever people out there who come up with stuff like this that can make us smile. 

Remember, smiles are free so give them away!

Susan J Sohn


Anonymous said...

okay that's really funny. i like.

Anonymous said...

Really good. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, that's good. I'm still laughing as I type this comment out.


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