Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Time Flying By

Have you ever found yourself looking at life and just wondering? Wondering where 39, 45, 67 or 78 years have gone (depending on your current age). Does it feel like time is slipping through your fingers like sand from the beach?

I had a day like that today. I found myself looking at life, thus far, marvelling at my three amazing children, my marriage, my aging parents and the world around me. I think all of this started to hit me last night as my hubby and I were driving home. We had popped out to have a quick dinner; just the two of us. On our way home, we sat quietly in the car, listening to our local radio station. During one of the ad breaks there was a mention of something medical, requesting those 50 and over to make sure they got themselves checked out.

After the ad was finished, I turned my head to look at my (very) handsome 41-year-old husband and said, "Hmmm, isn't that funny, it feels like it was only yesterday when I wouldn't have even had a second listen to an ad like that. Today, I've just realised that you are only 9 years away from that time and those tests, and I only 11 years. Where does time go and how does it slip through our fingers?"

Tonight, I sat listening to my eldest daughter rehearse her oral presentation for class tomorrow. I found myself astounded by her vocabulary, her poise and her confidence. It was in that moment that I realised where the time had gone. The time hasn't been like the sand from the beach and slipped through my fingers at all. I have lost nothing, rather I have gained the world because that time has been spent and deposited well within my children.

Yes, there are new lines on my face and grey can be found hidden and at times peeking out; indeed my numbers are increasing. However I ask myself, "Is time flying by?" My response, "Absolutely, it's going at rocket speed. However, today I am thankful that my moments, hours, weeks, months and years are being used well by three amazing lives, who in this moment depend on me being the best me I can be."

Susan J Sohn


Anonymous said...

Love this story. You have such an ability to take us into the moment. Loved your bike riding story to. So glad you have entered the twitter world and are able to share everything that is in you with us.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post Susan, expressing lovely sentiments. Hope your daughter does well but whether she does or not she has a lovely mum.

Anonymous said...

Where does the time go? Flies by too fast but I love what you wrote & the post about your conversation w/ your son - beautiful!

Anonymous said...

True Susan.
My ife motto is 'no regrets'. You have embraced with fervour the days given to you and those entrusted to your care.
Well done!

Annie x

Susan Sohn said...

Thanks Annie. Means a lot coming from you.
Susan xo

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