Friday, June 19, 2009

Free Range Kids

Well friends it's Friday June 19th and (in Canada where we currently live) we only have 1 week of school left. I am 100% HANGING for my kids to be out of school. I love having them home. I love summer holiday. I love lazy days that roll into one another. I love the creativity I see in them as they discover new things to do each day. I love the smell of BBQ lunches, dinners and sometimes even breakfasts. I think you can tell that I love everything about summer ~ even dandelions because they are always made into the most amazing bouquet for me. Bring on the dandelions!

With summer holidays knocking at our door I thought who better to have as a guest on 'Real Life' than our newest friend, Lenore Skenazy author and founder of 'Free Range Kids' and her latest book which is a total hoot and one we all need just because it's lots of fun 'Who's the Blonde that Married What's His Name?' 

Our conversation was fantastic and we covered a lot. Jump on and have a listen ON DEMAND and make sure you suggest your friends listen too. There is definitely something for everyone plus you will find out what 'scratchy subject' Lenore and I plan to tackle during our next conversation ~ one that everyone will have something to say about.

I want to encourage you to buy Lenore's books and also make sure you follow her on twitter. To do so click here: freerangekids.

Have the best weekend. Stay well. Love each other and smile LOTS!


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